Trend Easyscribe Video

Trend have published a video on Youtube demonstrating the Easyscribe Scribing Tool at work.

Scribing is a simple technique that enables carpenters to fit cabinets, counter tops and almost anything else to uneven walls and floors. In the past carpenters and joiners would do this with a piece of scrap wood and a pencil. With an inexpensive Easyscribe added to your tool kit those days are gone. Once you have scribed your line with the Easyscribe it’s a simple matter of removing the waste material to achieve a seamless fit.

So what can the Easyscribe scribing tool be used for:

  • Architrave
  • Skirting
    Mitring skirting and cutting skirting to suit uneven floors are tasks made much easier with the Easyscribe – give your customers the professional finish.
  • Doors
    There are many questionable techniques for fitting a door to a door frame. Dump the guesswork and use the Easyscribe for perfectly fitting doors to door frames
  • Flooring
    Wooden or laminate flooring can be cut for a perfect fit against uneven walls
  • Panels
  • Worktops