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Easyscribe Worldwide Sales

The Easyscribe was developed in 2012 by Brendan O’Hare, a carpenter with 30 years experience.

Recovering from a broken neck after falling 10 feet from a scaffolding, Brendan decided it was time to bring to market the scribing tool he had designed to fit doors into frames.

Overwhelmed by the positive feedback achieved through direct sales the tool quickly made its way into organised distribution, selling in more than 15 countries.

Easyscribe Worldwide Sales Map


Easyscribe Reviews

We would like to share some of the feedback received about the Easyscribe from customers worldwide:

Amazon.co.uk 11th May 2013 – “Fantastic

This little beauty really has been a Godsend. I am fitting some new doors at the moment to old frames and this little number does the job with ease

Amazon 8th Jan 2014 – “Great Gadget

Superb one-handed tool, accuracy is brilliant, would definitely recommend this to anyone. Top marks all-round

Amazon 18th Jan 2014 – “Great Gadget

This really is a God send for any tradesman. So easy to use and cheaply priced for all it does. Brilliant!!

Amazon 6th Feb 2014 – “Scribing Made Easy

Great little scribing tool. Best I’ve used, very simple and easy to use.

Trend Easyscribe Video

Trend have published a video on Youtube demonstrating the Easyscribe Scribing Tool at work.

Scribing is a simple technique that enables carpenters to fit cabinets, counter tops and almost anything else to uneven walls and floors. In the past carpenters and joiners would do this with a piece of scrap wood and a pencil. With an inexpensive Easyscribe added to your tool kit those days are gone. Once you have scribed your line with the Easyscribe it’s a simple matter of removing the waste material to achieve a seamless fit.

So what can the Easyscribe scribing tool be used for:

  • Architrave
  • Skirting
    Mitring skirting and cutting skirting to suit uneven floors are tasks made much easier with the Easyscribe – give your customers the professional finish.
  • Doors
    There are many questionable techniques for fitting a door to a door frame. Dump the guesswork and use the Easyscribe for perfectly fitting doors to door frames
  • Flooring
    Wooden or laminate flooring can be cut for a perfect fit against uneven walls
  • Panels
  • Worktops



British Woodworking

british woodworking october 2012The Easyscribe was reviewed in the October/November edition of British Woodworking. If you missed the edition Nick Gibbs sent us a PDF:

Reviewing the Easyscribe Nick – though fond of his compasses – describes how the Easyscribe “does exactly what anyone who has had to transfer across wavy lines for fitting would expect”.


Ex-Carpener Nick Gibbs, British Woodworking

Easyscribe on Facebook

Calling the ‘Friends of Easyscribe’! Easyscribe is the latest victim of social media and we are starting with a Facebook page. So post your views, reviews and pictures of yourself using the Easyscribe and show the world what they are missing.


Easyscribe Video on Youtube

Easyscribe is the only one hand adjustable accurate scribing tool on the market. This is a tool for the professional finish carpenter and fitter. Small and lightweight for the carpenters pouch or pocket. Watch this video explaining how the tools works and  comments from Axboard Director, Stephen McDermott.